Help Us, Obama-Wan, You’re Our Only Hope

Ok. Not really our “only hope”. I mean, so far it seems that average citizens across the nation are doing a pretty solid job of protesting and making their voices heard. But, nobody can amplify that pressure and maximize exposure of resistance efforts like President Obama.

Trump loves him some Twitter, and he’s very proud of his nearly 26 million Twitter followers. It is an admittedly impressive following, even if many (possibly most) are like me and are actually only following for comedic value / damage control. We get  to watch things like Trump tweeting “I hear by demand…”. Doh! Delete. “I hearby demand…”. Doh! Delete. “I hereby demand…”–taking a mere three attempts to spell the word “hereby” correctly. Kudos, sir.

Trump has a pretty sizeable Facebook following with more than 21 million, and a decent following on the official POTUS Twitter (15.8 million) and Facebook (1.3 million) accounts, even though most of those are probably duplicates and he doesn’t really use those accounts. He also loves to fill a stadium with adoring fans and conduct rallies that make him feel better about himself after days or weeks of negative stories in the media from outlets with the audacity to report facts and reality–a.k.a. “Fake News”.

Whatever floats his narcissistic authoritarian puppet boat. More power to him.

Well, guess what–Trump’s social media audience is a small fraction of President Obama’s. The @BarackObama Twitter account has more than 85 million followers, and his Facebook page has nearly 55 million. Tack on another 7+ million Twitter followers and 17 million Facebook followers for Michelle Obama .

Obama can fill a stadium too. And he should. Or at least, I’d like him to. He looks like he’s really enjoying retirement, and I doubt he’s itching to dive back into politics by being the first former President to actively campaign and lobby against the current President–but Barack Obama is uniquely qualified and suited to rally forces and lead the Resistance movement.

Each day of the Trump regime thus far has been like drinking from a firehose. The administration does so many outrageous, treasonous, ridiculous, embarrassing and otherwise mind-blowing things day-to-day that it’s challenging. When everything is worthy of resistance, it’s a challenge to choose how to invest limited time and resources. It’s also difficult to maintain the level of energy and commitment necessary. We’re only a couple months into a 4-year term and so far being part of the resistance feels like having a second full-time job.

I’d love to see Obama do a monthly rally. Travel around the country and fill a football stadium to capacity and just have Barack and Michelle show up to give speeches about what we’re fighting for and why. Invite others to speak. Get Katy Perry, or Madonna, or Beyonce to perform (may as well make it fun too). Keep people engaged. Give people a reason to fight. Let people know they’re not alone and that even though the fight is hard, it is worth it.

It would be unprecedented for a former President to challenge the current White House in that way (at least I’m not aware of a precedent for such a thing). Let’s face it, though. Everything about the Trump campaign, alleged collusion with an enemy nation, victory, and administration is unprecedented. Why not add one more unprecedented thing that can help people join together to defend the United States and stand up for the things that really make America great?

Besides, it would be really satisfying to get under the incredibly thin skin of Putin’s puppet by filling bigger stadiums than he can with tens of thousands of voters prepared to stand up to him.